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Mrs Sherrie Babington – Parish Clerk
4 Birkhall Close, Walderslade
Chatham, Kent, ME5 7QD
Telephone: 01634 863719
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The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Stockbury Village

Hall at 7.30pm. The Public will be admitted at 7.20pm and will be consulted on the meeting Agenda under item

6. They may raise other matters under item 13 of the Agenda.



1.          Apologies.

2.          Declaration of Interests.

3.          Minutes of the previous meeting.

4.          Matters arising from the minutes.

5.          Notice of reports from external meetings

6.          Consultation on the meeting agenda:

   a.       Public.

   b.       Councillors.

7.           Highways Matters.

   a.        General Highway Matters.

8.           Planning Matters:

   a.        Applications for consideration.

   b.       Appeals and Decisions.

   c.        Enforcement Matters:

                                                    Squirrel Woods - War Games

                                                    Longton Woods.

9.           Financial Matters:

   a.       Statement of Accounts & Cheques for signature.

10.        External Reports:

   a.       Parish Councillors.

   b.       KCC Councillor.

   c.        MBC Councillor.

   d.  Police Report.

11.        Correspondence Report.

12.        Tri Parish Group/A249 Action Group/JPG.

13.        Any Other Business:

    a.      Raised by Public (3 minutes each).

    b.  Raised by Parish Councillors.

14.        Date of next Meeting.




Mrs Sherrie Babington

Clerk to the Parish Council

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